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Booking a Mobile Bar

So we’re in the wedding season, with some beautiful weather. And what better way to celebrate outside with your friends and family than with a mobile bar at your venue. A mobile bar can be a centrepiece for your wedding depending on your venue. So a bar is something you will definitely want to get if you intend on dancing the night aware outdoors under the summer sky.

Tip No 1: Are the venue going to allow a mobile bar?

it’s no secret that a venue can stipulate they are the only provider of beverages, so do check with your venue whether an outdoor / outsourced beverage supplier is allowed. 

Tip No 2: Can you accommodate the space for a mobile bar?

Mobile bars can come in beautiful forms, whether that be a stunning horse box trailer converted to sell those top shelf tipples, or a more portable and pre-built setup which can be located a lot easier at a venue. 

Which ever the solution, make sure you have the space at your venue to accommodate such supplier. Ensure you get the dimensions of the footprint of the bar so you know how much space is needed on the day. Ensure this is communicated to the wedding coordinator. Once these are setup including awnings, ramps and additional extras such as stanchions and red ropes – these can take up quite a considerable amount of space. 

Once setup, mobile bars look absolutely stunning and definitely a centre piece for your big day.

Tip No 3: Requirements for the mobile bar.

Ensure you check with the supplier what requirements they need. Some stipulate they require power from the venue so liaise with both supplier and venue to ensure everything is in place for your big day. Be conscious of mobile bars that use generators… these are great for more country and secluded venues, however town and city venues these will be unsuitable and may disrupt the venue.

Venues also want to see documents from your supplier too. So ensure they have copies of the public liability, alcohol licensing documents and proof of insurance. Suppliers will be more than happy to forward these on to the venue on your behalf – equally ensure you book a supplier that has all of these.

Tip No 4: What type of bar service do you want?

Mobile bars can be serviced in a variety of ways – whether it be an all inclusive bar or an open bar service. 
An All-Inclusive bar is great if you want guests to have the flexibility and freedom to pop up and grab a beverage with no cost to them. However the upfront cost of such service can be pretty high but the solution can be an advantage if you intend on your celebrations being a full all-inclusive event for your guests.
An Open-Bar is great to keep up-front costs low, with the bar charging a fee for the initial hire, and a charge to the guests for beverages. This is the most common type of service but also double check any minimum orders / sales the mobile bar need to meet for your event.

Do check out our ‘Mobile Bar’ supplier section to see some of the recommended suppliers that we work alongside and across the region.

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