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Getting Organised with your Wedding Planning

Getting Organised with your Wedding Planning

There’s nothing better than getting to your BIG Day and everything all goes to plan. And that comes down to intense planning and organisation. Here are out Top Tips on keeping organised for your big wedding day.

Tip No 1: Get yourself a Folder / Wedding Planner

Somewhere to keep all of your wedding information, inspiration and flyers from showcases and fayres. A folder is a great place to keep all of these, so when you have a sudden urge to look into cakes or dresses, you can look through all of your flyers, business cards and magazines to help you on your journey. It is also a great place to file all of your invoices and booking forms for all of your suppliers you have booked.

Use this also as a planner to keep your finances in check. It allows you to keep on with your spending and budgeting for your big day, along with know when all of your final balances are due so you can gradually get these ticked off along the way.

Within your folder keep a list of everything you need and what you still need to look for. Organise these into importance so you know what you need first as a matter of urgency.

A folder is fantastic to keep everything in one place so you know where to go if you need anything.

Tip No 2: Within your Folder Keep a Timeline

Timelines are great to keep on track not just with the finances but knowing when specific details are due. Major milestones to keep on your timeline include

  • Venue deadlines such as final details, guest numbers, balance payments etc.
  • Supplier deadlines such as balance payments, vendor documents and timings.
  • Dates for wedding invitations and “save the dates” to go out.
  • Deadlines for accommodation for your venue and guests.
  • Final deadlines for ordering online for last minute things
  • The check-in times for your flights for your honeymoon!
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Tip No 3: Make a Wedding Email Address

How many of us have got historical Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses, and we have 30,000+ in our inbox sat there unread? Yep That is all of you reading this! That will certainly not help with the planning of your wedding.

So what better opportunity than to setup an email address, specifically for the planning of your wedding. We have seen so many couples this season use this as an opportunity to keep things organised, whilst also keeping your wedding planning separate from those special offers from Amazon.

It’s also a great way to know everything in that inbox is specifically for your wedding along with one place for all of your enquiries, invoices, agreements and more. It also means no unnecessary cluttering of your personal inbox. Use this together with your planner above and the calendar functions to have a real good organisation tool.

And one last thing… the day after your BIG wedding day, you can simply close the email off your phone and archive it for emergencies. You will probably no longer need to look for wedding bands or venue decor ever again, so you can simply remove the accounts from your devices, but rest assured the emails will still be stored somewhere if you do happen to need them in the future.

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