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Getting your Wedding Speeches Right

Getting your Wedding Speeches Right

So, you’re approaching your BIG day, and it’s that time where you need to plan your speeches for the special ones in your lives. It sounds daunting to some to stand up in front of your friends and family on one of the biggest days of your lives, however a well planned speech underpins your family values and will be remembered by everyone at your wedding. Here are our Top Tips on those wedding speeches.

Tip No 1: Use Notes and not a Script

Our First tip is to use single bullet pointed notes, and not a script. Using a script not only can make you sound robotic but can also mean you can lose track quite easily of where you are. To your guests you will also be looking down at your paper too long. So instead, use bullet pointed notes so you can naturally elevate the speech. It also allows you to look up at your guests and make you more visibly engaging.

Tip No 2: Keep it Short

Keep it short and sweet – 3 to 5 minutes is the sweet spot for an engaging, interesting speech. No more than 8 minutes as their interest and engagement may drop off. Leave them wanting more!

Tip No 3: It’s Good to Open with something funny

Keep the guests entertained. A good

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