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The 2024 NOEWA. Is it for you?

The 2024 NOEWA. Is it for you?

As the wedding industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing times, standing out from the crowd has never been more crucial for businesses striving for success. And being proud businesses here “up north”, the well named “North of England Wedding Awards” are a celebration of excellence, dedication, and outstanding service within the wedding industry. And it’s not just an awards ceremony, it is a night to celebrate amongst friends, fellow suppliers, venues and more-so, colleagues in a celebration of achievement for the year.

Why Enter?

Entering the North of England Wedding Awards isn’t just about vying for a trophy; it’s about showcasing your commitment to excellence and standing proudly among the best in the business. Being finalists is a fantastic achievement, and entering allows your business to be judged by our panel of wedding experts from across the industry.. Here’s why participation is not just beneficial but essential for your wedding business:

  1. Recognition and Prestige:
    Imagine the honor of being recognized as a leader in your field, celebrated for your unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and unparalleled quality – whether that be a delicious cake business, or your commitment to supporting brides select their beautiful dress. Being finalists, or even winning an award at the North of England Wedding Awards elevates your business’s reputation and establishes you as a trusted choice among couples planning their special day.
  2. Enhanced Credibility:
    In a competitive market, credibility is everything. By participating in the awards, you’re demonstrating your willingness to be transparent and open to feedback – especially from your customers who will be investing time to vote for you, and our panel of independent judges. This transparency builds trust with potential clients, assuring them that they’re choosing a reputable and reliable partner for their wedding journey.
  3. Valuable Feedback:
    Your customers’ voices matter, and the awards provide a platform for them to share their experiences openly. Feedback received through the voting process offers invaluable insights into your business’s strengths and areas for improvement. Our team at the NOEWA will provide all of this to you after the awards to share the success, share the amazing words, but also to further improve and continue to be the best you can be. Embrace this feedback as a tool for growth and refinement, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.
  4. Marketing Opportunities:
    Being shortlisted or winning an award isn’t just a personal triumph; it’s a powerful marketing tool. Leverage your success in your promotional materials, website, and social media channels to attract new clients and reinforce loyalty among existing ones. The North of England Wedding Awards badge becomes a symbol of trust and excellence, instantly setting you apart from competitors. FLAUNT IT! TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU’RE FINALISTS!

Busting the Myths

Now, let’s address some common misconceptions surrounding awards ceremonies:

  1. It’s Only for Big Businesses:
    False! The North of England Wedding Awards celebrate businesses of all sizes, from boutique venues in the foothills of the pennines, to independent photographers, and part time cake makers in the middle of Huddersfield. Every participant has an equal opportunity to shine, regardless of their scale or budget. And due to how we judge each and every entrant / business, it is a fair playing field.
  2. It’s All About Winning:
    While winning is undoubtedly a fantastic achievement, the journey matters just as much. The process of entering, receiving feedback, and connecting with fellow industry professionals is invaluable for personal and professional growth and for continued improvement. Each and every entrant / supplier will receive their feedback after the awards with comments from each vote and judge, outlining what they did amazing at.
  3. It’s Just a popularity contest:
    The voting process is carefully monitored and analyzed by a panel of judges, ensuring fairness and integrity throughout. While popularity plays a role, the emphasis is on excellence, quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction with the votes. The saying goes: “quality over quantity”. And the votes themselves only form part of the final score for each and every entrant. Each judge will review every aspect of every business meticulously, including reviews, responsiveness, value for money, and overall going over and beyond. So don’t feel you are being pushed out against bigger businesses with advertising budgets, you will get recognised for genuine hard work, determination and delivering the best service to your customers.
  4. It’s Too Time-Consuming: We understand that running a wedding business demands time and dedication. However, the benefits of participating far outweigh the time investment. Think of it as an opportunity to pause, reflect, and refine your practices for future success. And here at the North of England Wedding Awards, we will support you on your way to promote yourselves and to get those all important votes.

The North of England Wedding Awards are not just an event; they’re a celebration of passion, dedication, and excellence within the wedding industry, backed by some passionate suppliers, amazing sponsors, a stunning host and some determined judges! (Ths
By participating, you’re not only positioning your business for success but contributing to the elevation of standards across the board. So, embrace the opportunity, showcase your brilliance, and let your business shine brightly among the stars of the North.

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